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August 2012

I was asked to resign (or be terminated) my senior management position of 5 years after my boss inquired as to my “retirement plans”. My response was that I intended to work for another 3 years and then re-evaluate possible retirement. When I refused to sign away my legal rights in exchange for a meager “settlement”, I was unceremoniously fired.

I was referred to Mr. Pray through a friend at church. Frank immediately understood the circumstances and explained possible approaches and corresponding pros and cons. He advised me through the process of being terminated and then made a demand upon my employer for a more appropriate settlement amount. Within 6 months the matter was settled for significantly more than the initial offer by my employer AND a Letter of Recommendation.

Mr. Pray and his staff will keep you informed and his communication style with both his clients and opposing counsel is clear, concise and effective! Remember, your employer has attorneys representing them ~ so should you. Frank is simply the BEST of the BEST!

RW, Simi Valley, CA



    1. Overtime, Rest Breaks, Wage & Hour
    2. Whistleblowers
    3. Wrongful Termination
    4. Defamation and Privacy Violations
    5. Sexual Harassment
    6. Pregnancy Discrimination
    7. Disability Discrimination
    8. Disability Accommodation (ADA)
    9. Age Discrimination
    10. Gender Discrimination
    11. Race Discrimination.
    12. Sexual Orientation, Religious, and National Origin Discrimination
    13. Employee Benefits – Retirement - ERISA




a)    I win. I have about a 75% “success” rate in arbitrations and trials over my 37 year carreer with outcomes often over $100,000.


b)    My entire career has been civil litigation, but the last 21 years has been one focus: representing employees against abusive employers. I’ve handled thousands of employment law cases over my career.


c)     I’m recognized as a leader in employee rights, serving as Chair-elect and Chair of the Orange County Bar Association Labor and Employment Law Section 2010-2011.


d)    I work each case personally. I remain accessible and involved in every case in my office.


e)    I translate legal jargon into plain English, and enlist you as a key participant In the development of the case. That means we communicate often and promptly.


f)     I write. I contribute to a major Southern California legal newspaper on matters of Employment law. More importantly, I write effective motions and briefs.


g)    Testimonials on my website confirm that I consistently deliver client satisfaction both in process and outcome of my legal services.


h)    I communicate: your calls are returned and your questions answered. I keep you up to date on all material developments in your case, and I form strategies with you to reach our goal.


Recent Successes -- 2013-14:


Arbitration: Unfair Competition and Breach of Contract: Defense Award for the Employee.


Whistleblower: $350,000 Settlement

Disability Discrimination: $180,000 Settlement

Ancestry Discrimination: $100,000 Settlement

Whistleblower: $150,000 Settlement

"Do I Have A Case?"

A "case" is tested by whether the elements of proof are likely present to persuade a court that the employer's conduct permits you to recover damages.

Do you wonder if you have a case?  One very efficient way is to schedule an appointment for a free consultation with Mr. Pray personally.  949-251-1006.   Find out.


July 15, 2014

Frank Pray has been recommended to me and this has been a very good experience to work with M. Pray all along. I have found Frank to be very thorough in his search of factual elements, he has listened carefully, noted everything of interests in the case. The assessment of the valuable elements in the case was explained and discussed between us in order to manage to always stay a step ahead of the coming negotiation. Frank anticipates and adapts the negotiation in the interest of his client.

The case was extremely complex involving with high level Executives. There were a lots of factual elements though many were subtle and untold elements that the other party had maliciously or ingeniously covered up.  The psychology of the relationship with the other party as well as between the other party and its attorney was critical, Frank has managed very well the relationship with the other party’s attorney. The case has been resolved thanks to Frank’s perseverance and experience to negotiate in a complex environment despite a heavy ego driven context. His ability to propose alternative and creative solutions to blocking points that threatened the course of the negotiation has been critical in the resolution.

I highly recommend Frank for his professional experience and skills, and his genuine personality.

JR, Oregon.


June 2014

After consulting with Frank Pray I felt confident that he would be the right attorney to address my concerns and provide results.  Frank’s attention to the details of my recent situation and the ability mine through those details, allowed for private and confidential separation from my employer.  I was very pleased with the result along with the fact that Frank provided me with the guidance and compassion to help me resolve this issue so that I may close the chapter of this book and move on with my life.

Thank you again.



February 11, 2014

I was terminated from my job two week after I had filed a grievance against the Director. I was devastated because I thought my job would be protected. After speaking to several attorneys they informed me that I didn’t have a case. I may as well forget about it and try to find another job. But I refused to give up and that’s when I founded Mr. Pray. He actually listened to me about the circumstances surrounding the firing and told me yes I did have a case and a good one.

He immediately set up an appointment for me to come back into his office….so we could start the (very successful I might add) case. He took his time and took notes, help me to understand that what had happen to me was not legal. When things got out of control as far as my stress level…he always remained calm and told me it would be ok. It was. His staff was there for me…keeping me informed…always willing to listen and make recommendations….and for that I would like to thank them for their understanding.

The case settled quickly. Mr. Pray got me more than what I expected…he really fought for me. He also got them to overturn the termination on my record so that I could move on to another job with ease. Thank you Mr. Pray, you’re the BEST. With this being said I highly recommend you for any case.

MW-Lake Forest

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