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August 2012

I was asked to resign (or be terminated) my senior management position of 5 years after my boss inquired as to my “retirement plans”. My response was that I intended to work for another 3 years and then re-evaluate possible retirement. When I refused to sign away my legal rights in exchange for a meager “settlement”, I was unceremoniously fired.

I was referred to Mr. Pray through a friend at church. Frank immediately understood the circumstances and explained possible approaches and corresponding pros and cons. He advised me through the process of being terminated and then made a demand upon my employer for a more appropriate settlement amount. Within 6 months the matter was settled for significantly more than the initial offer by my employer AND a Letter of Recommendation.

Mr. Pray and his staff will keep you informed and his communication style with both his clients and opposing counsel is clear, concise and effective! Remember, your employer has attorneys representing them ~ so should you. Frank is simply the BEST of the BEST!

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The Employment Law Office of Frank Pray

I have focused my employment law practice exclusively on "Employee Rights"  for over 15 years.  I have been in the practice of law for over 33 years as an active litigator.  I am currently the 2011 Chair of the Labor & Employment Law Section of the Orange County Bar Association, with over 400 members.  In this capacity I am responsible for providing the Section with timely employment law topics presented by recognized experts. 


Most of my employment law practice focuses on representing fired, transferred, demoted, or laid off employees who were selected for termination of employment because of age, race, sex, national origin, religion, use of medical leave, disability, or sundry like categories, or because these complained to management about illegal pay practices, harassment, discrimination, securities fraud, unsafe work practices, or other illegal business practices.

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General Areas of My Employment Law Practice

Wrongful Termination; Discrimination (based on age, disability, cancer condition, use of medical leave, pregnancy, race, national origin, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, sexual harassment); Whistleblower Retaliation (for complaints to the employer or government agency); Wage and Hour Violations, including potential class actions; Privacy Violations, Assaults and Battery, Defamation, Fraud by Employer in Representing Terms of Employment; Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress.   


"Do I Have A Case?"

A "case" is tested by whether the elements of proof are likely present to persuade a court that the employer's conduct permits you to recover damages.

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For those intrepid few who dare to express themselves as indiscreetly as the English language will allow, there is AB 1844, soon to be officially Labor Code Section 980 et seq.  The California legislature has come to the protection of persons too dense, too indifferent, too rich, too independent or too eccentric to give a damn what they post on social media.   Of course, it also has provided protection for even the cautious citizen who has no personality to hide.  No one, not even someone whose greatest contribution to public debate is how to cook vegetables, should be required to give up his username and password to a meddling employer.

In the early days of social media, I think there was an illusion that a person could be “real” in that environment.  The illusion is over.  If you want to be real, transparent, and open, well, it turns out the old fashioned friends who actually meet over dinner or shared activities may be the answer after all.

Did we once hope that social media would provide that open intellectual space where viewpoints had room to breathe? 

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